The Company


Vivax was established in 2008 after a long-term pharmaceutical experience and action of its people, as a natural development of a successful and wholesome company in the field of Greek medicine.

In spite of the objective difficulties of recent years, VIVAX continues its course with the development of pharmaceutical formulations, mainly generic, in basic pharmaceutical categories of wide use. At the same time it does not stop searching for new and
improved therapeutic options that take advantage of developments in modern
international pharmaceutical research.



The supply of high quality health products,
which improve the quality of life of the patient,
offer credible solutions to health scientists
and save resources in the Health System.


On the side of the patient's need.

With responsibility towards the physician and the pharmacist.

Towards our society and our country.

Knowing that the medicine is not another product.

Every commercial goal comes afterwards.

Focus on quality at all stages and on all functions.

Insistence on consistency in relationships with employees, associates and customers.


Continuous monitoring and understanding of the ever-changing needs and scientific developments in medical research and technology aiming at the introduction of advanced pharmaceutical products in the Greek market.



NIMEGEL - (Nimesulide)

CARD-OK - (Atorvastatin)

LORFAST - (Losartan Potassium)

LEXIGOR - (Omeprazole)

AMLOPRESS - (Amlodipine Besylate)

ZITHRO-DUE - (Azithromycin Dihydrate)

VELORIUM - (Budesonide)

ZIDIN - (Trimetazidine Dihydrochoride)

SIMVALID - (Simvastatin)

DEVIX - (Butamirate Citrate)

EN-POR - (Alendronic Acid)



  • The steady course of our company is based on years of successful partnerships.
  • Collaborations built on the principles of sincerity and mutual benefit.
  • These include leading companies from Greece and abroad and some from the most modern and trusted pharmaceutical factories in the country (cGMP guidelines).
  • Today, more than ever, we focus on seeking and evaluating opportunities for cooperation.
  • Our goal is the development and promotion of an expanded portfolio of products, with modern and innovative pharmaceutical solutions.


Internal quality control procedures guarantee the safe use of each product before it is released. Subsequently and as defined by the relevant legislation, we follow a complete system of pharmacovigilance, which monitors and records any adverse reactions that may result from the use of the medicinal products in order to inform the authorities.



Dervenakion 38, Gerakas

210 6619654 – 210 6615980
210 2111528
Monday – Friday 08:00 – 16:00